Nike Hypervenom Phantom 1 - The Most Iconic Boot Model To Date

Let’s take a look of the most iconic silo to date from Nike ‑ The Hypervenom Phantom I.

Released in 2013, the Hypervenom was set to replace the Total 90 silo. The game changer was the revolutionary NikeSkin (snakeskin look) which gave players the feeling like there was nothing between there foot and the ball. Nike released an amazing 18 different colourways with the two most popular being the Gold Neymar Limited Edition’s and the iconic Orange and Black launch.

What else made it a popular boot? It was the rise of Neymar. When he signed for Barcelona he was wearing the original OG colourway ‑ Black and Orange (See image 2). The Swoosh was reversed which gave the boot a new edgy feel. And finally, probably the most interesting reason as to why it become one of the most sought after models. The Hypervenom II was shocking and the III was better than the II but was just still too far behind the I. The Hypervenom I NikeSkin Upper was the ultimate game changer and this is evidently one of the main reasons as to why it is still so popular today.


Nike Hypervenom




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